Good color choices for painting the exterior of homes

Decide on the color to paint the exterior of your home can be a challenge. While some choose a neutral color standard, even this would be a challenge as there are many to choose neutral. For those who want a brighter color, choose exterior paint may seem even more daunting. If you consider that there are certain more suitable for the outside of a house colors, choosing a paint color will be a little easier.

choices for painting the exterior of homes

Although neutral colors may seem ordinary when it comes to painting the exterior of our house, they are practical for a number of reasons. Neutral colors mix well in any neighborhood, go great with any style of gardening and can be easily cleaned with the exception of the bright white. When dirt accumulates in a house painted with neutral colors, is not as noticeable as in a house painted a brighter color. Neutral to consider exterior paints: Arfil, gray, white, ecru, mocha, white (not bright white). If you want to choose a shade of bright white note will show dirt easier in your home, and you have to take special care to keep it clean to prevent the paint to gray and dingy color. Continue reading

Decorating Ideas for an apartment for men

You can make your own masculine apartment without trying to imitate the Playboy Mansion. An apartment for man should not be rude to your guests. The black satin sheets and low light have their place, but you can find many other options to keep your decor strictly male.

Imagine an apartment building that looks over the lights of the city . The minimal accessories clear lines, geometric shapes and modern is always ideal for the home of a man.

apartment for men

The less you have to clean better. The lack of superfluous accessories means that cleaning will be easier. Colors should be neutral. The furniture is austere, but comfortable. Select a focal point for the space. If you have a landscape, pay attention on where you put your furniture. If there is a natural point of focus, then create one. It can be a work of art, a collection or an unusual piece of furniture. Choose a bed platform with drawers underneath, as the apartments rarely have storage space. Continue reading

Ideas color scheme for the exterior of the house

Before you buy paint and supplies and invest time and money to improve the exterior of the house, do your homework. Evaluate your own preferences, and the general appearance of the neighborhood. If you are considering resale, universally want a combination of attractive colors. Use professional design tools and advice to find the perfect combination of colors for the home.

 Ideas color

The color displays
Both, Sherwin Williams, Valspar and Benjamin Moore offer all colors visualization tools to help you find inspiration for color combinations. Use the images available to mix and match exterior paint colors for the walls, trim and details, or upload your own pictures for a more accurate and realistic concept. Most tools allow you to create a free account so you can upload photos and save multiple color combinations. The visualization tool provides a gallery organized by architectural style if you want to stay true to the original characteristics of the house. Styles include Spanish Mediterranean, Tudor, Colonial and Modern. Continue reading

Decorating Ideas for small cabins

Decorate your house small with antique decor and rustic to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Buy antique quilts and wooden chests and hanging curtains eyelet lace and light. Choose furniture that is comfortable and personal; choose items made ​​from fabrics and materials that feel ” home “for you. A house is a place to relax and unwind, so rooms filled with scented candles, soft rugs and soft lighting.

Decorating Ideas

Crude Furniture
For a rustic look, buy rough wood furniture, such as dining tables and coffee. Use recycled wood sideboard with wrought iron supports of copper. Find wooden furniture sturdy barn, which are made ​​of pine, oak or cedar planks recovered from old barns. The degraded wood is used for dining tables and coffee, among other items. The wood will give your home a comfortable and rustic atmosphere and is environmentally friendly too. Continue reading

How to paint the exterior of a house using earth colors

A popular fashion exterior painting of houses is to use a color palette natural and earth. This trendy home decor works well with the architectural designs modern as with classical arrangements and oldest outdoor home. For example, a contemporary house with modern lines and eclectic architectural movement looks attractive with a color palette of brown and white on the outside, like a Tudor style home. To keep a house that has been painted with vibrant colors and exciting land, it is important to keep in mind some design principles.

paint the exterior


Use a broad spectrum of colors. The earth tone exterior paint not only include cinnamon tones. Cinnamon is a popular tone and it looks pretty good in most homes, but not the only earth tone. The earth tones include colors ranging from white to deep brown. The muted tones of green, for example, are sometimes seen as ground. You can imagine colors seen in wood, stone and natural verdería, then think about it in tones that fall within the spectrum of earth colors. Continue reading

How to choose colors for the exterior of your house

You can attract attention by creating a zany color scheme for the outside of your house, but you should think about it before giving a blow with a bright blue color or paint your house a strong orange. Choosing the right colors for your home is important, as they affect the way people will see it, its resale value and enjoyment of the outside . Make your home look attractive by choosing colors that you can be proud.

choose colors for the exterior


Consider the style of the house. The more complex the style of your home, the more colors can be incorporated into the scheme outside . The opposite is also true. The simpler architecture, simpler should be the color palette you use. For example, a style colonial just need a couple of colors, while a Victorian multilevel can use several to the outside . Continue reading

Posters for Home Decoration

Decorate your home with posters to create an unusual look. The antique reproductions and the Country elements are good excuses to start a good conversation and focus points. Create groups of arrays using posters on the walls as decoration and antique style. Hang posters in every corner of your home. Such objects can create a specific environment and be used anywhere in your home.

Posters for Home Decoration

Nautical Symbols
For the fishing enthusiasts will love decorating with nautical symbols. Choose colored posters showing images of crabs, lobsters and fish typical. Another interesting idea can be used which are priced posters or signs. You can hang decorative signs that say “ship repair” or “rental boats”. Lighthouses are popular images that can be used in any room of your house. Use an image that has the name of a lighthouse recognized her. Continue reading

Ways to inspire the decor of your home on your vacation

There are ways to create vignettes or locations in your rooms to increase your enjoyment and relaxation in your home,” he said. Then collect your favorite memories, and prepare to be inspired through travel.

Display only photos
Keep your favorite holiday activities in mind. Frame your photos of activities in large mats and variety of frame sizes; to display, choose a dedicated wall in a hallway or in a family room, said Erinn Valencich, an interior designer in Los Angeles. If the colors are not important, print them in black and white or sepia to maintain a consistent tone.
Turn your photos into art, suggested Valencich. Print them in unique ways, such as canvases or sheet metal. It is a relatively inexpensive way to personalize and transform your memories.

decor of your home
“If you have a glass table, put the pictures below,” said Christine Eisner, author of “Living with comfort: a guide back to basics to a more balanced life style.” “They will be protected, but always in sight,” they said Eisner. Continue reading

Decorating Ideas for the home front

Most homes are well decorated on the inside, while the outside is not observed any details or decoration. When decorating the front of the house, the aim is to reflect good taste on display inside.

The color is so important to the home front to the interior. Incorporate your favorite colors on the outside and paint the door and shutters, if applicable. You can also add more color and display flowers in pots. Hang a cute wreath or other decoration on the front door or even in the front windows.

 Decorating Ideas

The furniture is not just for inside the home. Adding furniture for the home front, you can make your home more attractive. Try a coffee table and iron chairs, wicker chairs with striped cushions and a wooden bench where people can sit. Decorate this area with tables and combining flowers. Continue reading

Ideas Sunken living rooms

The sunken living rooms gained momentum during the 1970s and during some other periods in recent history. However, do not speak today. The uneven design let you experience a living that promotes intimate conversation. The color scheme you use, combined with your creativity, you can bring your sunken living room, literally, to a new level.

Ideas Sunken living rooms

The steps and seats
Living areas may be uneven for many reasons, but the steps leading to the level of the room can be used for much more than just a way to get to another level of the house . Install pads fit on each of the steps to create a banquet-style seating area. If you’re on a budget, simply buy some oversized pillows or sew some of your own clothing and place them along the perimeter of your sunken living room. Guests can feel comfortable on the floor or steps, creating an intimate conversation area. Continue reading