Keeping up with ever-changing trends can be difficult, especially when it is so expensive to keep up with the latest vogue. Staying up to date with interior design is much more difficult and impractical than keeping up with clothing fashions – you cannot redecorate every season! Roof damage rarely reveals itself until one day, one of those nasty dust storms or monsoon rips through your area, leaving damaged roof tiles in it’s wake. If you would like to know about home renovation related information, you could choose tile roofs Phoenix.

To help out, we are taking a look at 5 of the latest trends to have in your home that will stand the test of time…

1)      Large Kitchens with an Island

The kitchen often acts as the central hub in a home. It is where you cook and eat meals, talk over a cup of coffee, help the children with homework and much more. The latest trend is kitchens with an island in the middle, for both practical and visual uses. An island can give you extra storage in the kitchen, it is also a great place for children to sit and be within view. Kitchen islands offer you extra seating, which is essential when you are entertaining guests. It is a versatile asset to have because you can choose what to top your kitchen island with; extra hobs, cooking space, eating space or even a sink!

2)      Home Office

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular as companies aim to cut down on the costs of office space and other facilities. The recession brought an era that Richard Branson has labelled as “an age when remote working is easier and more effective than ever”. The only drawback of having a home office, and working from home, is the distractions. It is essential to create the right office-feel by decorating correctly and ensuring that you have everything you need in the office, to prevent constant ventures to other rooms where distractions lie in wait.

3)      Outdoor Living Room

Perhaps a more effective feature to have in the summer months, outdoor living rooms are becoming increasingly popular. Perfect for entertaining guests and outdoor cooking, an outdoor living area provides a relaxing space often with more room than indoors. Some outdoors living areas have roofs, others do not – it is crucial to ensure you have the correct furniture, otherwise bad weather and evening due could ruin your seating area. One of the major benefits of this trend is the adaptability; you can use a TV or music station to centre the space around, or perhaps even a BBQ – the opportunities are limitless.

4)      Master Suite Soaking Tubs

Whilst whirlpools and Jacuzzis are becoming less desirable, oversized showers with seating are becoming more popular. However, the latest craze is Mariah Carey-style soaking tubs. There are some classic, French themed tubs that are still very much in fashion. Alternatively some new, contemporary designs are just as stylish. The positive thing about this trend is the bigger, the better.

5)      Green Features

Among some of the latest housing trends are energy-efficient appliances, high-efficiency insulation and high window efficiency – if not for aesthetics, for financial or green reasons. Another trend is solar panels to create free, green energy for your home whilst looking after the planet! They certainly will not enhance the beauty of your house and they are not cheap – but if green is your thing then they are a must!


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