Everyone likes a cute cuddly kitty as a pet, but all cat owners will testify that although cats are loving pets, they can be quite independent, and a bit of a handful if they are kept only indoors. Cats need to roam, to stalk and hunt, to sharpen their claws and catch their prey. Although they sleep for long periods, once awake, they need to burn out all of their immense energy. So, if your cat is an “indoor only” kitty you must get some fun cat toys if you don’t want to replace all the furniture that your cat will damage. Pet toys can cost more then they actually worth, so make some of your own, and you won’t go wrong with these 7 purrfect DIY cat toys that your feline friend will absolutely love.

Kit-Tea Catnip Toys

DIY cat toys

Cats looove their catnip and giving them a catnip filled toy will not only give them hours of bliss, but will keep you well entertained as well. These kitty teabag toys are so easy that anyone can make, but you can also choose whatever shape that you like.

Felted Bell Ball

diy cat toys

A very simple, inexpensive and all natural toy for your cat. This felted ball with bell in the middle is just like a ball of yarn, only better. It will offer your kitty a pray that it can chase all over the house and the bell will just keep it interested in the ball longer.

Cat Scratching Post

Cats are predators and they need to keep their claws sharp and ready to hunt at all times. So, if you don’t want shredded sofa and scratched up table legs you might want to make your cat this simple scratching post from a plywood and some sisal rope.

Magnetic DIY Cat Toys

DIY cat toys

When cat chase their toy around the house it can get stuck under the sofa or somewhere else and you’ll need to get it out. You won’t have that problem with this magnetic DIY cat toys, which not only keeps your ca in one place, but also has a small scratching post.

Fishing Pole Cat Toy

Cats plat with scratching and biting, so if you want to lay with them you need something that will keep your hands at a safe distance. A fishing pole cat toy like this one is easy to make and will offer you fun and safe playtime with your playful kitty.

Cardboard Cat Bed

This may be a cardboard cat bed, but you’ll see that your cat will use it for far more then just to sleep in it. Since its made from cardboard it will be perfect for sharpening those cat claws and the cave-like look is a great hiding place for a predator waiting to strike.

Crochet Cat Toy

Cats love to play with soft things that they can bite and kick with their hind legs and they will go crazy if it also jingles. If you like to crochet, then treat your cat with this fun crochet cat toy. All you’ll need is some yarn, a toilet paper roll, a bell and some time and your cat will be the happiest kitty on the world.