With spring comes spring cleaning and maybe you’ve decided to do a bit of redecorating as well. When decorating most of us are focused on furniture, the room layout, the color coordination and similar decor points, but until night comes and we turn on the lights do we remember to look up and see that the light fixture needs some upgrading of its own. Deciding and choosing how to cover up the bare light bulb can be a a bit difficult, especially if you don’t want to dim the light with some lamp shade model. One of the most popular choices for lamp fixtures are the modern minimalist pendant lights that provide sufficient cover to the light bulb without taking away any light. However, these modern pendant lights can cost a pretty penny, so save over a hundred dollars by making one yourself with the help from these 8 futuristic pendant light tutorials.

An Upcycled Bait Basket Pendant Light

modern pendant lights

It is amazing what you can do with the stuff crowding your garrage or basement and a bit of creativity. This upcycled bait basket turned pendant light is an amazing example of how you can save money and do something fun and unique.

Copper Geometric Pendant Light

geometric pendant light

Copper is getting very popular as a material for creating furniture as well as light fixtures and it does look astonishing, however it can be a bit pricey. Luckily, there are copper pipes available for fraction of the price that you can buy and create a copper pendant light like this one.

Openwork Cube Pendant Light

modern pendant lights

This cube pendant light is quite unique not only because of its shape but due to its material as well. We bet that even if you go shopping for a pendant light you’ll be hard pressed to find a wooden one that is inexpensive and looks this good.

Dodecahedron Pendant Light

modern pendant lights

Making this dodecahedron pendant light requires a bit more patience and time and maybe a higher level of woodwork skills but all the effort will be well worth it once you hang the finished product on your ceiling and you get the astonished compliments.

Embroidery Hoop Pendant

If the last project is too complicated for you, but you still love the look of it, then this circular pendant light is a simpler, but no less lovely version made with embroidery hoops and some hex huts. It even looks a bit like an atom, doesn’t it?

Straw Pendant Light

modern pendant lights

What will you say if we tell you that you can have a geometric pendant light which costs around a hundred dollars for just under 5 dollars? It’s no joke and there’s no catch either. You just need a few straws and some pipe cleaners and the instructions from this straw pendant light tutorial.

Wire Basket Lights

This wire basket light is easy and fun to make and the combination of three pendant lights in a row makes it a a perfect pendant light choice for the kitchen or maybe the patio. Also if you wish you can use different shapes for every light to make it even more interesting.

Modern Pendant Light

modern pendant lights

Turn a garden ornament that you can buy at the hardware store into a modern sculpture pendant light that will make everyone wonder how did you manage to get such a lovely light fixture. Be sure they won’t believe you even after you’ve told them the truth.