If you’re looking for your next recycling project, here is one you can sink your teeth in. Pistachios are a very delicious and nutritious nuts for snacking on, but after you’re done with them you’re left with a lot of hard shells. But, why throw them away when you can turn them into something truly wonderful? Like a pair of earrings, perhaps or some glamorous bib necklace? The hardness of the pistachio shell and its elliptical shape makes it perfect for making some unique jewelry pieces that look like they’re made form something else entirely. With these 8 tutorials for pistachio shell jewelry, you can make jewelry that will be the envy of all your friends and they won’t even believe that those are actually pistachio shells. So, next time you snack on some pistachios, save the shells and make yourself some pretty awesome eco-friendly jewelry.

Pistachio Medallion Pendant

pistachio medallion pendant

For those who love flowery jewelry, here is one that they will absolutely love. By gluing the pistachio shells together in a circular pattern, you get a very lovely rose. You can leave it plain or paint it whatever color you like and you can also choose to turn it into a brooch or a necklace pendant.

Pistachio And Resistor Earrings

From just one pistachio you can make a fairly nice pair of earrings that no one will even suspect that they are shells, especially when you pair them with the right materials, like some cream colored resistors, that give just the right amount of color to the shells to make them a fun looking earrings.

Pistachio Shells And Beads Necklace

beads necklace

When making jewelry you don’t have to restrict yourself to using only one medium. In fact, mixing the right items can make your jewelry piece look truly amazing, like this mix media necklace made from drawn pistachio shells and crystal and stone beads.

Pistachio Shells And Nail Polish

You will never make a jewelry set that is inexpensive, yet looks pricey as this one. A brooch, earrings and two types of necklaces with only the leftover pistachio shells and some of your nail polish. They will make a great gift or a nice addition to your own jewelry collection.

Golden Wheat Pendant From Pistachio Shells

There are a lot of ways you can combine pistachio shell, and with a bit of effort and some glue, you can easily end up with some amazing pendant designs, like this one in the shape of a wheat and colored with a golden nail polish to give it some extra sparkle.

Quilled Pistachio Shell Earrings

pistachio shell earrings

Quilling is a lovely jewelry making technique but it can also be used for ebelishing plain objects. If you wish to add some color and texture to your pistachio shell earrings, then these quilled pistachio shell earrings are just the thing for you. and be sure t check out the other pista shell jewelry shown there.

Glamorous Pistachio Shell Bib Necklace

bib necklace

If what we’ve shown you so far doesn’t seem to classy or glamorous for your taste, then take a loot at this flashy statement bib necklace. You can wear it at a cocktail party or for a night out with friends. It is that great and no one will even suspect that it’s made from pistachio shells.

Ombre Pistachio Shell Necklace

ombre pistachio shell necklace

Spring and summer clothes come in every color combination and you might not be able to get jewelry to match every piece of summer clothing you own. Well, now you can make it and it will cost you nothing. You can make this fun ombre pistachio shell necklace in every color from your wardrobe and it won’t even make a dent in your budget.