In every room of the house, the carpets serve a certain purpose. If you have doubts about what kind of carpet you need, this article will help you to solve them. Discover the kind of perfect for each room carpet.

In the bedroom and living room

The bedroom and the living room are very similar stays, since both are destined to rest. Therefore, the perfect carpet for both spaces should be comfortable soft and elegant. The earth tones help us warm and wear a cozy decoration, in tune with nature. On the contrary the darker tones, like the garnet, dress with distinction really sophisticated spaces.


If we talk about materials, our advice is to choose fabrics in natural fibers and tasteful designs, such as carpet hair that harbor even more decoration. Wool is a great choice as it is an excellent insulating terms shelters the rooms from the cold in winter and isolates from the heat in summer.

In the dining room and in the passage areas

By contrast, in other rooms of the house such as the dining room in the hall and in the hallway should choose strong and durable materials that can withstand the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you prefer natural fabrics, cotton is a great choice. Easy to maintain this fabric is tough, hypoallergenic and soft. Our advice is to choose colors more “suffered”, to camouflage the dirt.

In the kitchen

Thanks to innovation in interior design, carpets also find their place in rooms that are particularly difficult to decorate such as the kitchen. A trend that is increasingly is the vinyl carpets. They are designs that offer great resistance and durability, since they are easily cleaned with water and neutral soap. In addition these rugs are available in stores specialized in a wide variety of designs, colors and styles. Many of these carpets perfectly mimic trend finishes such as wood, brick and even stone. So, in addition to functionality we won in style.

In the bathroom

In the bathroom, it can also be a great idea to decorate with carpets. Ideally, choose a durable and soft design also to prolong the feeling of being out of the shower or bathtub, whether natural fibers such as cotton or synthetic such as polyester.

In the children’s bedroom

Another room of the house that should also decorate with carpets is the children’s bedroom. Children like to play on the floor so a carpet not only dresses in style and color, but also incredibly practical, protecting children from falls. In this case our priority when choosing the carpet will be the material. The premise is that the more natural it is the better for the well-being of the little ones. Some materials and tissues cause allergies so you should choose natural fibers such as cotton is hypoallergenic.