Feng Shui is the ‘ ancient Chinese art of having the space and choose how to furnish their homes to avoid losing the energy balance that makes us feel good about ourselves. According to this type of doctrine can create fields of positive energy that improve not only the mood, but also their health, social life and working. Let’s talk about Feng Shui house.

Feng Shui is a discipline born about five years ago that now is used by the West and by famous architects. Literally means wind and water, where the first symbolizes the quiet, while the second movement. It is this balance that leads to a peaceful life, because Feng Shui believes that even inanimate objects have their own energy to be channeled properly and that depends on the material with which things were built.

feng shui house

In China, when you buy a house, the first expert who is being questioned is really the master of Feng Shui.
Fundamental to the discipline, is the furniture especially in the room where you rest, the bedroom. This should be placed away from the road. The head of the bed should be placed to the east and leaning against a wall and the head and the feet should never aim towards the entrance of the room. The Feng Shui says that if the bed is placed in the wrong way, it can become easy prey of nervousness. Two tricks to avoid this are to have a mirror in front of the entrance door and some bells in hanging from the ceiling.

Fundamental, then, even the use of color . Red is the color of good luck, is a symbol of luck, strength, success and Fire: stimulates the forces of good and expels negative energy from one environment. Yellow is the color of the earth, and for this reason is the color that the architect has to wear during their work. Green is the color of the wood and represents the rebirth and reincarnation. In addition to the choice of colors is essential to know how to place objects in the right position. Follow these rules for your own home or workplace, according to Feng Shui can make much more balanced and harmonious in our daily lives.