Your pool needs a facelift ? Why not renovate taking advantage of innovations inspired by the green wave ?

Several solutions are available to you to renovate your pool : A new liner ( bottom lining ) color sand from recycled products, a range of local wood retified ® or exotic wood from forests ecocertified for aesthetics. You can also change your disinfection system for the electrolytic salt, choose a more economical filtration and heating by heat pump. At least that last option, you do crack the enchanting natural pool of still living with the seasons. If you would like to know brief information about pool maintenance Glendale AZ you could choose here.

Using less water:

The old docks were rather large and deep ( 1.80 m or 2.20 m). Reducing their size reduces the volume of water used. In addition , practice wintering zap now complete dump. It advocates a simple drain pipes that might freeze and the use of filtration on days when the mercury drops below 0 ° C. Attention capture water from a source, a borehole to fill the pool may be a bad idea because this mineral-rich water increases the need for chemicals to remove algae and the various deposits.


A filtration more economical:

Once the form of large bottles of sand filtration systems require powerful pumps , so electricity-intensive . ” Today, filters, either sand or cartridge, are more efficient (15 microns 50 microns cons for older equipment) and allow the use of pumps more economical and sustainable option to consider when remodeling “, Says Yves Lesouef, quality manager at Blue Square. The filtration time is reduced.

Still, the required cleaning of the sand filter consumes the water pool” This represents between 600 and 1000 liters per week depending on the size of the pool where the water must be renewed anyway up to one third of the total volume. Alongside these filters widespread, arrived on the market for new solutions natural diatomaceous filters, zeolite -based and even broken glass!

A fresh, clean water:

An effective filtration system ( responsible for Water Quality up to 80 % for the best) minimizes the use of chemicals. And for those who refuse to use chlorine in its classic form, there is an attractive alternative : electrolysis salt that produces a true component of bleach, but it becomes natural salt under the action of sun. This system also has the advantage of ease of maintenance since it is sufficient to feed salt early in the season and check the pH once per week.

More options “green ” lamp UV-C , ozone and active oxygen ( oxygen peroxide ), three techniques which allow, they also limit the use of chlorine. The ultraviolet treatment is suitable for a person who wants a fully disinfected water, but it will add small amounts of treatment chemicals to destroy bacteria and algae may appear in the pool.

The progress of natural heating:

Heating a pool with a huge electrical resistance as is the case for the river of old design has a cost (over 2500 euro from May to October ) and an environmental impact. First possibility : use “physical protection” bubble cover, shelter, submerged part … that capture heat from the sun during the day and keep them overnight. ” With a simple bubble cover, you can easily reach 3-4 ° C sunny week, ” illustrates Jean – Michel Legrand, Technical Director pools Magiline.

But those who want a greater level of comfort will opt for a heat pump that has the power to ” multiply ” Kilowatt : for one kilowatt consumed, it will produce 4-5 ! It is 5 times more economical than electric heater. “For an investment of about 7000 euros ( pool 4 x 8 m ), the return on investment is in about five years, “said Roger Gubanski, President of AJtech. More you warm , plus the return on investment is rapid. Last option, solar. Increasingly used for activation of components or blankets, it is still rare for heating water because the solar collector area, installed facing south, is important.

LEDs and recycled materials:

still difficult to classify the different coatings (paint , plaster , tile or liner ) according to their C02 footprint . However, some pool fitters (Desjoyaux, Magiline) Produce liners from recycled materials ( milk jugs and bottles, batteries, hulls , dashboards of cars …). And nothing prevents you from wondering what fate is reserved for your old liner in its change. But the great innovation , which is involved in the beautification of many swimming pools , just projectors LED ( color projector “Lucia “in Magiline) Much more economical than conventional lamps . According to the Federation of Professional Pool (FPP) , the cost of a projector LED on four hours a day for five months amounted to EUR 1.

Why not a natural swimming pool ?

From the countries of northern Europe , these promise bathing water 100 % natural and fit perfectly into the landscape (BioNova, Bioteich, TeichMeister…). Principle ? Filter the water with aquatic plants ( sedges , cattails , water iris , reed , azores , mint …) installed on a mineral substrate . Like a pool, they include a liner, a skimmer or a cleaner and a pump whose role is to circulate water between swimming and filter plants. But their water is not disinfected, or ” disinfectant ” as required by the strict definition of the pool is the reason why we use the term natural swimming . So if you can not tolerate the occasional presence of some frogs and daphnids, it is not for you!

Furthermore , this natural ecosystem needs time to settle (up to 3 years ). Starting in the spring may be a bit time consuming plants that provide their full filter function . Finally , this type of measure achievement in creating or processing requires a large budget : the price per square foot bathing is two times higher than a traditional swimming pool (from 40 000 euros) . Unless you opt for the French brand Aquatiss which offers pools in 6 x 4 m from 20,000 euros .