When it comes to heat the house must always do well to deal with the costs, since the expenditure due to domestic heating , generally affects considerably the normal budget family. The alternative methods to heat the home without spending big bucks there and at these points that follow, we will try to show you the best.

heat the house

To avoid unpleasant surprises with the arrival of heavy bills, if you have autonomous boiler is always good to plan carefully the temperature and hours of power plant. In the houses of the country and in various isolated dwellings a viable alternative can be represented by pellet stoves , wood or corn, now reached a high level of efficiency and reliability. These stoves, do not generate any kind of toxic smoke, because they burn only natural fuel.

Among recent innovative elements, we announce the innovative paintings wall heating, a particular ecological system that guarantees definitely a big advantage for the portfolio. With this new technology, it takes a couple of minutes to heat without problems environments ranging from 20 to 30 square meters. The infrared heating is a new and effective method to get heat without costly losses. The traditional heater increases the temperature of the infrared instead ensure to act directly on persons and objects. Their special radiation mimic in a certain manner the action of the solar rays and the comfort is felt directly on the body.

There are also the solar collectors used in heating systems to generate hot water. For domestic heating , there are two types: flat plate collectors, most used and cheapest ones and concentration, that know how to exploit only direct radiation but can generate higher temperatures . Many you may also like the floor heating , easy to install and very economical, both to effect its installation, is to manage it. With this system all over the floor turns into a large heating surface. The newest technologies in the field of heating, moreover, are having valid answers also in the mechanisms that make use of solar energy at no cost, with optimum temperatures and in full respect of the Planet.