You can make your own masculine apartment without trying to imitate the Playboy Mansion. An apartment for man should not be rude to your guests. The black satin sheets and low light have their place, but you can find many other options to keep your decor strictly male.

Imagine an apartment building that looks over the lights of the city . The minimal accessories clear lines, geometric shapes and modern is always ideal for the home of a man.

apartment for men

The less you have to clean better. The lack of superfluous accessories means that cleaning will be easier. Colors should be neutral. The furniture is austere, but comfortable. Select a focal point for the space. If you have a landscape, pay attention on where you put your furniture. If there is a natural point of focus, then create one. It can be a work of art, a collection or an unusual piece of furniture. Choose a bed platform with drawers underneath, as the apartments rarely have storage space.


Emphasize your favorite and incorporate it into your decorating theme team. This does not mean you need to be flat shaped stands during a game. Choose darker team color and use it as the main color in the room. For example: the colors of the NFL team, the Green Bay Packers are forest green and gold. Use the green against the neutral background and uses the gold as secondary color in your accessories. Organize your sports memorabilia and collections throughout the space; they will create a greater impact. And, of course, the goal of the space is to put a large flat screen TV and high definition so you can see the games.

Hunting cabin
There is nothing more relaxing than coming home after a long day of fishing and sink into a chair stuffed with furs. The lake can be miles (kilometers) away from your apartment, but you can recreate the feeling of being in a cabin by the lake with the right furniture and decor. Choose full leather chairs in dark colors like burnt umber, sienna, black or chocolate brown. Lithographers hunting dog on the wall will add the atmosphere of the cabin. The faint plaids for Skin will continue the topic, and also hide dirt and stains. Use pillows to remind fish, pheasant, ducks, quail or other fowl.