How to accommodate the furniture for a dining room. These rooms are usually static spaces in which the decor never changes. Consider the following ways to add a little variety to the place.


Make a scale drawing of your room, including brands of everything to stop you re-arrange the furniture (radiators, electrical sockets, plugs, space for opening a door, low hanging chandeliers and more) and short furniture paper at the same size. Play with the provisions following the next steps.

how to arrange the furniture

Center the table under the chandelier (if you have one). This is more or less an inviolable rule, but you can place it diagonally in the room for a surprise effect.

Move the spider if the builder has set in the center of the room. Often a focus will force you to have a dresser near the table, leaving you with little room for movement, so the move will have more flexibility to arrange your furniture .

Leave a minimum of 18 inches (45.72 cm) to circulate around the table when people are sitting.

Changes things with the seating arrangements. The typical dining table has four to six side chairs and two armchairs at the ends, but you can break the mold by moving one of the pieces of the tips elsewhere, perhaps flanking a window or sideboard.

Place a drop-leaf table – perhaps under a sill or against a wall – to use when you have extra guests on the occasion of a great dinner (or as the only if space is small).

Rearrange small furniture as planters or pedestal tables and rotates images and other accessories as a way to cool the room.