Do your best to keep heating repair bills down through regularly maintaining your equipment. When you care for things and regularly maintain them, you generally increase their life expectancy. For example, when people are diligent about caring for and maintaining their vehicles, they generally last longer than if they were to disregard the recommended tune-ups and regular oil changes. This same theory stands true for other mechanical devices such as furnaces and air conditioners. So, to keep repairs to a minimum, take care of your furnace and when something goes wrong and a service call is required, be sure to follow the advice provided. Unfortunately, there are scam artists out there that pray on those that are vulnerable. For this reason, it is important to be on guard even if you are cold and without hot water. Stay strong and remember that not everyone is trustworthy. I know it is sad but, it is true.

Heating RepairProfessional maintenance

Have a licensed engineering consulting firms professional that you know of and trust regularly clean your furnace. On average, have this done once a year. It will keep your furnace running at its maximum capacity so you can use that to justify the cleaning fee. With the furnace being more efficient, it will burn less oil and ultimately, save you money.

Complete Simple Maintenance Tasks

Be sure to check filters monthly and when required, replace them. It is also a good idea to keep the air returns clean so just make a habit of doing this when checking the filter.

Research Your System

Prior to getting any work done, research your heating system to make sure it did not come with a warranty. You never know what you are going to find and you want to make sure that certain repairs are not covered before you go paying for them.

Research your Contractor

Research potential contractors prior to hiring them. Be sure to request to see the Contractor’s license so that you can verify the license is valid. To do this, be sure to document the contractor’s name and license number when requested. After the license is verified, confirm the heating professional you select is insured for both property damage and liability since they will be working inside of your home.

Shop Around

Before deciding to have any work done, if possible, try and obtain multiple estimates for the work. Request a summary of the necessary materials and services needed. This way you can compare each against one another. Also research the materials being recommended by each contractor. Ideally, you will want to find something that offers a warranty.

Stay On Guard

Always be extra cautious and get second and or third opinions. You also want to be weary of tactics used to try and manipulate homeowners into buying new furnaces. Known as scare tactics, sometimes contractors try and convince homeowners that their furnace is threatening their health. This works because it scares people right into buying a whole new device. To avoid being taken advantage of here, call for a second opinion. It may end up being well-worth the extra efforts.