How to identify a load bearing wall. A load bearing wall gives structural integrity to a building . Supports and distributes the weight of the roof and upper floors down to the ground. The damage to a load-bearing wall can make flooring yield, cracking endings and the whole structure collapses. Before starting a remodeling project in your home, learn to identify a load bearing wall.
load bearing wall


Learn the exterior walls of your house are always considered as carriers of load due to supporting the roof. They should give extra support to make changes.


Search the foundations, footings and concrete beams in the basement. If there is a wall or beam directly above them on the next floor of the house, the wall or beam is load bearing.
Search walls interior in your home that are perpendicular to the joists. These are the load bearing walls.

Check out the areas above and below the wall in question. If the top wall has a support beam or wall then there is likely to be a load bearing wall.

Call a professional structural engineer to evaluate if a wall is load bearing.

See original construction plans of your house to see what walls are load. Whether it is building a new home, ask the contractor to tell you what load bearing walls.