The Bioethanol fireplaces : fireplaces without chimney, smoke but only the charm of the heat of the fire. These types of fireplaces, stoves, but also, are the new frontier of heating and can be placed in every room of the house, from the living room to the bathroom to the bedroom.

What is bioethanol

Crea7ion, Glamm of Fire, is an electronic system that requires no chimney, wiring, conduits or tubes and does not produce smoke, soot or odors. Operates with bioethanol, with a 3 liter tank, with a range from 3 to 9 and a half hours, depending on the line of fire; quantity of fuel loaded into the line focus and intensity of the flame are adjustable manually or by remote control. In most versions and sizes.

The bioethanol is an ethanol produced through natural processes of fermentation and distillation of various agricultural products such as cereals, sugar crops, starch and pomade. A liter of bioethanol costs less than 3 Euros and is an Eco Solution for heating in the house.

bioethanol fireplaces

Features of bioethanol fireplaces

The bioethanol fireplaces are the solution for all those who can not achieve a chimney or do not have enough space for a traditional wood burning fireplace but do not want to give up the charm of a warm atmosphere that only a fireplace is in can create.

The bioethanol fireplaces are easy to assemble, they do not need any connection to the gas or electricity network and can thus be placed in every room of the house, as in the image: the chimney of Antonio Lupi also proposed in the bathroom as an oasis of relaxation.

There are a variety of models of fireplaces bietanolo and over time have become even elegant design elements.
As a solution very easy to install, there are different types of models adaptable to all types of environments and furniture.

As warm fireplaces bioethanol

The bioethanol fireplaces are great elements for heating: with their ecological flame heat up to 40 square meters in a few minutes and with a liter of bioethanol fireplace you autonomy of 3 hours and a half. During combustion, which takes place below 400°, no fumes are formed, neither unpleasant odors nor soot, but will give off water vapor, heat, and a fraction of CO2, equivalent to that produced by two candles and therefore completely harmless for humans.