The area behind a wood stove requires a fire resistant wall. A wall made of concrete panels and brick veneer looks like a real brick wall and meets code requirements for a wall covered fireproof. The brick lining brick appears full size from the front and have the same height and width, but only a fraction of the depth. Unlike full-size brick, brick veneer is cemented to the underlying wall and filled with mortar.
brick veneer wall


Hold the search engine wooden blocks on the wall and press the locator button. Slide the finder horizontally to find the wooden blocks and mark them on the floor . Measure the width and height of the wall. The cement board should start at the end of a block.


Transfer the measurements of the wall to the concrete slab. Put the square against the edge of the plate, keeping the leg aligned with the marks. Marking passes carbide knife through the plate four times, using as a guide bracket. Cut the cement board on brands.
Hold the cement board on the wall and screw it to the studs with wood screws for concrete slabs. Put a screw every 6 inches (15 cm) along each block of wood behind the cement board.

Mix the mortar and latex additive according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Seeking a thick, spreadable consistency. Fill the joints between concrete slab with mortar, using the flat side of the notched trowel. Cover the joints with mesh tape fiberglass.

Put mortar on cement board, starting at the bottom in an area 1 foot tall by 3 feet long (30 x 90 cm), using the notched side of the trowel. This leaves grooves and edges in the mortar. Applies bricks on mortar within 10 minutes have put on the wall.

Put mortar in the back brick using a notched trowel. Tap the first brick in place on the edge of the concrete slab and the level nivélalo. Using the same method, put another brick next to the first with a separator between them. Aligns the top edge of the second brick with first using the leveler. Add additional bricks at the end of a row.

Put bricks on a table outside work. Measure and mark the center of the brick width. Hold the angle grinder firmly with both hands and turn it on. Cut the brick in half to lower the blade by brick on the half mark.

Put mortar in the brick half and press it in place on the first brick to start the second row. Use spacers between the bricks and reviews followed leveling as you go through the concrete slab.

Type N mortar mix according to directions. Fill the joints between the bricks with mortar using the trowel tip. Allow the mortar begins to harden and suavízalo with trowel. Clean any mortar that has fallen on bricks immediately.