The brick is not only for luxury loft apartments; You can create one in your own home. Fascia bricks have approximately half the thickness and weight of an ordinary brick, but both surfaces are almost indistinguishable. Before you start, give the wall a rough texture to hold the mortar. Staple wire mesh over the entire wall, hanging cement board wall with sandpaper or coarse sandpaper. In a weekend, you can create a brick wall without hiring a structural engineer.
brick wall for a room


Hook the tab on the chalk line on the edge of the wall a few inches from the floor . If it’s an inside corner, holding the tongue to the wall with a small nail. Pull the line through the wall to the opposite end. Raise or lower it until the bubble level is centered brand. Ténsala and it near the wall.

Measured from the ground to the line at various locations along the wall. If the floor is level, the measurement will be the same through the wall. If not, the highlights will be a shorter distance from the ground to the line. Mark on the line the location of the highest point from the ground using a pencil.
Measure the width of a brick fascia. If the ground is not level, measured from the floor to the width of a brick in the brand top of the chalk line and mark with a pencil point. If the floor is level, mark the width of a brick anywhere in the wall.

Place a bulldozer 4 feet (1.22 m) against the wall in the pencil and bubble crosses. Trace the edge of the level on the wall with a pencil. Extend the leveling line along the wall, moving and locating its edge.

Mixing the adhesive with water in a bucket according to the instructions of the manufacturer .