A dining room and a kitchen with red walls and brown furniture are considered a more rustic country style, which can keep adding pieces of decor to complement the color scheme of the two rooms. While red can be considered an “aggressive” color, combined with earth tones will help to soften the color and make a cozy atmosphere. Although you can incorporate other colors, choose those that match the color range to avoid too much contrast.
decorate a dining room


Complements the red walls with decorative wall brown. Framed photos and pictures on various wooden frames of various styles and colors in both rooms, places a wooden wall clock in the kitchen, wooden shelves in both rooms, and other items of decoration and brown wood that you like .


Use items of decoration in red brown furniture. For example, use red cloth napkins with napkin rings wooden table in the dining room , place freshly cut roses or other combinations of red flowers as the centerpiece of the table in the dining room and as a detail on the kitchen table if . There are options and covered red glassware, as centerpieces of red candles, red tablecloths, red satin cushions or chairs for dining tables and red cushions for the kitchen chairs.
Add other colors that complement the brown and red as you like, such as red-orange tones, cinnamon and gold. Use these and other complementary colors to make signs on the wall and small ornaments and other small pieces of decoration . For example, hang a wreath wicker coffee in the dining room or the kitchen door to incorporate all these colors as well as red.