Buy land for construction to build your house to your taste can be a great experience if you take the time to educate you on the complexities of buying land and building on it.


Consult a lawyer with experience in transactions and land development.

build a house

Prepare a purchase contract according to your ability to obtain a building permit for the house design you prefer.
Check with utility companies local to confirm you have electricity and gas available in that area. See if there are costs per connection.

Check if there is a public water available on site. If not, add the cost of digging to get water to your construction costs.

Contact the municipality to check for public drainage lines property and confirms that there is capacity available. If not, add the cost of installing a septic system.

Confirm that the seller has obtained a proper septic system design for your house if you need a system proposal of this type and the design has been approved by the board of health premises.

Contact the building department of your municipality to confirm that the lot is in the correct area for the proposed use and give you think that the house can accommodate the exceptions and other restrictions.

Confirm that the seller has reviewed the site for no swamps and your proposed use conforms to the regulations of the swamp.

Inspect the lot with your contractor to confirm that the font will not cause unexpected costs during construction.

Present your plans and building permit application and confirms that there is no problem to receive the permit.

Close the deal on the purchase of property.