A great project for outdoor spring or summer is the construction of a retaining wall. Retaining walls are used to reduce soil erosion, but can also be constructed to create a beautiful flowerbed.


Determine how many stones or pavers need. The first step is to find out how many stones or brick pavers you will need for the job. While it is fairly easy to do the math, a simple way to measure how many pavers you need is to take a string or rope and mark how big you want to be your retaining wall. In my case, I made ​​a semi-circle with a rope around the window. Then I measured the string to find out how many stones I would need for my raised bed. Once you have the amount of material to buy, add 5-10% if one of the stones or pavers breaks. You can always return what you did not use.

retaining wall

Make sure the ground is level. You’ll have to ram the earth in which you place the stones or pavers to make sure the floor is perfectly level. If the ground is not level will cause the wall is irregular.

Place your first row of cobblestones. Place the pavers or stones down into the area that you have packed. Use a level, if necessary, to make sure the stones are at the same height from the ground. If not, you have to tamp the soil to reduce, or add a little dirt to lift it.

Staggered rows. It is visually appealing staggered rows of stones . To do this you will have to cut the material. Check the back of the pavers to create a shallow groove. Then use a hammer and chisel to break them in half. You can use the half to start a new row of cobblestones.

Continues to build. Continues to build the retaining wall as high as you like. As I was only building a large flower bed, realized only 4 lines high, and he did not want the flowers were much higher than the window sill.