The cabins and wooden houses are popular for holiday homes and options as an alternative to conventional building homes for builders and residents who want their homes to stand out or blurring in natural settings. According to Roofs By Rodger, many details can make a log cabin has a rustic and authentic style, including the outer frame of the window. While most modern wooden huts used traditionally built windows, exterior moldings help mix these modern touches in the log walls. The moldings of the exterior windows may also make power a log cabin more efficient by improving the quality of insulation around them.

cabin window


1.) Measure the space around the windows of the cabin from the outside. Consider the height and width of the window jamb, which will serve as the internal dimensions to your outdoor setting.

2.) Select the timber to use for your frame. Choose materials that complement or contrast the design of your cabin. You may prefer rough logs, hand peeled with a chop, or flat, sideways, or finished wood with an attractive grain.

3.) Place each piece of wood on a pair of sawhorses. Measures the size of one side of the outer window frame and cut to size with a hand saw. Repeat for all four pieces of wood.

4.) Keep yourself up a pair of heavy work gloves. Press foam insulation, hand, in cracks and crevices between the logs forming the walls of a log cabin near the window.

5.) Locate the piece of wood cut to form the bottom edge of the outer window frame. Hold it against the window jamb. Place a carpenter’s level on top of the wood to make sure it is level.

6.) Galvanized nails hammered 3 inch (7.62 cm) in the lower part of the frame is angled down. Pass them through the window frame and the timber wall forming below them. Separate cloves to about 4 inches (10.16 cm) apart from each other.

7.) Clava sides of the window frame in place, bending the nails out so entering the wooden walls instead of the window jamb. Clava the top of the frame in last place, nestled in an upward angle.

8.) Press the foam insulation on any opening created by the corners of the window frame, especially where the wood does not believe a seam flush against the other parts of the frame.

9.) Apply sealing compound with knife putty around the seam where the inner edge of the frame meets the jamb of the window of the hut. Spread the compound evenly around the seam and any visible hole where you inserted the insulation.