The living room is the most common area in a house or apartment. For example, a person could watch TV with your family, have a party or entertaining in the living room. That is why choose to install a floor of wood or carpet is a big decision. Although ultimately choose between both options is at the discretion staff , the advantages and disadvantages can be an important factor when deciding.

Wood or carpet for a living

The mat provides warmth and comfort in a living room. For example, during the cold months, carpets form a natural barrier between people and the cold ground. Likewise, a person who likes to walk barefoot might prefer to install carpet for the comfort it provides. These consist of fibers made ​​of synthetic olefin, polyester, acrylic, or wool recycled. Before installing carpet padding between the floor and the carpet is placed. Floor wood also provides shelter in a room, but instead of comfort, the heat comes from its aesthetic or natural. This product does not require padding as in the case of the carpet. The option to use wood on the floor includes strong woods like birch or oak floors and soft woods like pine.



The carpets and floors of wood require different care. That is why deciding between a carpet and a floor of wood depends on the amount of maintenance that a person wants to do. For example, it is not easy to keep a rug, and you should use the vacuum because allergens like dust seal. A person who has carpeted living room you may have to set up a regular maintenance schedule depending on the amount of traffic and dirt that accumulates. Floor wood does not require as much maintenance as a carpet. This type of floor is also stain resistant and easy to clean, as House-Energy. For example, when you spill something on the carpet, it may be damaged permanently, but can be easily cleaned with a cloth in the case of a floor of wood . Also, candle wax stains and paint can be scraped.
Prices between a floor of wood and carpet vary. Buy a floor of wood standard solid strips costs about $ 8 to $ 12 per square foot or about $ 1,150 per room 12 x 12 ft (3.7 x 3.7 m), according to Cost Helper. The cost does not include patterns of wood on request, rooms that have unusual shapes or remove the old floor. A decent carpet and padding installed usually $ 19 to $ 38 per square yard, or $ 300 to $ 600 for a room 12 x 12 ft (3.7 x 3.7 m), explains Cost Helper.

Some stores offer free filling by installing carpet. However, it is best to ask about the type of padding to offer. A good filling helps the life of the carpet. A floor of wood can be easier to maintain, as long as you do not neglect. For example, a floor of wood can last a lifetime when cared for properly. However, carpets can last on average 12 years before needing replacement by a new one.