The fan medallions are perfect to hide those mishaps on the roof when your husband does decide to replace the entire light fixture for ceiling fans. They come in many sizes, shapes and styles and are a snap to decorate. However, you can also use medallions ceiling fan to create an eclectic and colorful accent to your bedroom wall.
medallions ceiling fan


Use paper to make a sketch of your design on the wall after choosing the design for your wall medallion. A crooked serpent-like design leaves the center of the wall will give visual proof of your creative free spirit. The tape is not necessary since it is assumed that the design is free and eclectic but you can use it as desired.


Buy medallions of various sizes and shapes depending on the design that you choose. You can even include square, oval or circular medallions to your design.
Choose two or three complementary colors of paint. For example, choose red to violet and sensual design of the room and orange strong for original kids room. Make sure that the colors of the medallion also complement the original color of the wall. Use a paint for interior glossy or semi-glossy for a burst of color to attract the eye.

Pinta medallions and let dry.

Locate several touches of construction adhesive to the back of your first medallion and press firmly against the wall holding it for several seconds. You can start from the middle and work from there, or start from left to right. The choice is yours.

Apply the remaining adhesive and press against the wall medallions following the design on the wall.