The cabinets are one of the most important elements of a house. They are essential to maintain a minimum order without which it would be very difficult to live. It is therefore necessary given the importance they deserve. Today we talk about the designs closet doors: how to choose to hit. Proof of this is that they are never enough. For many lockers have a house and large they may be, it seems to always need more.

best designs

If you are remodeling your home Thinking About, closets read on. Today we tell you how you can choose the best designs closet doors. In addition, there are a variety to choose from the type of door and way of opening and closing materials finishes, colors, etc. It is best to think of doors mere appearance are not to be heavy over materials and us time that Provide good maintenance.

Many options in designs closet doors

One of the first questions you have to ask yourself when choosing cabinet door designs is the kind of opening that you need or that you like. These two issues sometimes do not go hand in hand and much as you like cabinets with folding doors just have to choose one of sliding doors if there is not enough space to open the doors.

Cabinets hinged doors in fact, occupy the most space to open and close as their doors open at an angle of 90 by hinges usually hidden inside the cabinet. Then there are folding doors, which are composed of several sheets together to open that fold and deployed to close. They can be opened to the right or to the left there are even models that open on both sides.

One of the characteristics regarding the cabinet door designs is the great variety exists as to styles, materials and finishes. They are of wood, laminate, with glass mirror, etc. Cupboards leading mirrored doors are unique to visually expand the space by which are especially recommended for small or dark rooms also multiply the brightness. Of course, if you are going to decide on this material, try to be safety glass, or wear a special treatment not dangerous in case of breakage.

You can find cabinets that combine different materials those being wooden or combine different colors painted surfaces with other wood color for example. The important thing is to choose the model that you really like. Of course, try to find one that harmonizes with the rest of the decor of the room where you go to install the cabinet.

Wood finishes

They are one of the most common although modern models with door designs and contemporary minimalist cabinets, color lacquered or laminated materials are options. However, wood never gets old. There are lockers with wooden doors in all styles more rustic, minimalist, modern or classic. Just find the color according to your style. The most common are oak pine or cherry. If the room will be installed in which the closet is not too wide I would advise cabinet doors designs elegists light colored since they are lighter and do not weigh much visually. Leave the very dark woods for more spacious bedrooms.

For children’s rooms


However, in cases in Original it is Important to go for quality products that are very resistant. Think of how many times after day you open and close your children the doors of their wardrobes. Now ask yourself if you always do with care and delicacy. You already have the answer. Looking solid, furniture capable of withstanding the daily trot of the kids in the house and then you can think about the design of cabinet doors that you ‘ like.