Chennai, unfortunately is considered to be one of the worst cities in the country. Even after the development and progress it has made in the past years, the reputation and tag stays. While there are many reasons that will drive you away from the city, here are a few that should consider before you ignore the fantastic apartments for sale in Chennai.

–          Tradition v/s Modernity

Chennai is known for being the crossroad between the past and the present, tradition and modernity and many other parallels that exist in the society. This best of both world id seen in the architecture of the city, its buildings and also in the apartments for sale in Chennai. You are sure to find a home that has all the modern facilities but also has a touch of the authentic South Indian culture that will keep you in touch with the rich culture of the country.

–          It is the next big thing when it comes to IT

Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai are definitely the biggest IT Hubs in the country. But Chennai is not far behind as well. Looking at the talent that the city is producing in the field, all companies look to invest and set up offices in Chennai. If you want to live in a society that is progressing and the future, then Chennai is the right place for you.

–          You love Movies? You love Chennai.

This is the city that is full of theatres. Big, small, high end and inexpensive. All the theatres are generally packed on all nights. The city gets to watch all the Hollywood releases, Bollywood releases and also Tamil cinema. The city is never running out of entertainment of any kind when it comes to movies.

What’s more? The prices are also low. There is a certain amount that the multiplexes cannot charge beyond. That means everyone can go watch a movie on the big screen.

–          Food!

Your sincere love for food can be explored in this city. There are restaurants that serve all cuisines from across the globe and the authentic Chettinad cuisine can be found only in Chennai. Of course, you will find restaurants across the country, but here is the real taste. Idlis in Chennai cannot be compared to any other idly in the country.

–          Beaches

The city lives in its own grind while the beaches will give you the serenity, peace and calm. It is the city which will make sure that you have your time off and alone while you sit by the beach and watch the waters. There are also treats that you can buy to eat at the beaches. Thanks to the beaches in the city, you are sure to have a good evening.

–          Easy Traffic!

So here is the deal, nobody likes to get stuck in traffic in their everyday lives. But in every other city, you will have to. Chennai is peaceful on this front. The traffic is smooth and lets you commute around the city easily. Getting from one place to another is simple and the distance that the Google Maps shows you might be close to the real time taken.

–          Silk to its best!

When you look at Chennai, you will find women dressed in silk top to bottom. Here is where you will find the best silk in the country. Be it sarees or salwars, this is the classiest material to wear and the best of it is found in Chennai.

No matter how the climate of the city might be, it is one of the best cities in the country with the right amount of growth and stability. The development is more or less planned and the inhabitants do not have to go through much trouble to adjust the city. If you are looking to make an investment in the country, do consider the apartments for sale in Chennai.