Autumn breaks into our lives and changes everything. Although still seems distant arrival of cold and warm temperatures and thermometers still dominate our daily lives, the new season is here. That brings winds of change to our lives, which can be extended to your home. Color keeps vital rules for decorating a house. Create new decorations, with red terracotta protagonist.


While it would be excessive to say that, the color is everything in an environment. They can enrich or spoil. Today we offer some success formulas to decorate your rooms with red tile, a perfect very autumnal color to welcome the new season. With painting as an ally and choosing the colors correctly you can renew your spaces decorating an inexpensively. Do not let a tight budget is the excuse for not renewing your surroundings.

Decide to take up roller and brush and change your home for little money. If you paint the walls yourself get a new looks cheap. We also know that it is laborious but it can also be fun to spend a weekend to change the color of the walls.  Of course, keep in mind some recommendations when painting walls with bold colors like red terracotta.

For starters, look at the base color with your walls. If they are dark, white paint them first. Otherwise the red terracotta will not be as you think, but darker or a different hue. It is true that means more work, but worth it. There is nothing worse than finishing painting a wall and realize that the resulting color is not what you expected and you are not convinced.

Red is the color of passion of love. Providing energy activates our spirit. So we have to learn to use it properly. If we overdo we can achieve global effects that we do not favor at all, but rather the opposite. It is an appropriate tone for lounges, seating areas, foyers, dining rooms and even kitchens. However, I see it less suitable for bedrooms and spaces where rest and relaxation is sought.

Although in the choice of color halftones are not to my liking, in the case of red should be very cautious. Too much red at home, especially if the rooms are not too large, it can be more than overwhelming. It is best to use it sparingly. Best on a wall in all four, and if your room is small, it might be good idea to leave for the sofa, and some furniture and accessories. Note that in the case of red less it is more.