Artificial grass is made from plastic or rubber filaments and can provide a year-round, healthy and natural-looking lawn no matter how hot your climate. While the grass does heat up under direct sunlight, it is not noticeable if you walk on it. Synthetic grass that has smaller filaments and is softer and denser tends to heat up faster. Temperature control is one of the areas that is under constant research and innovation. Today we will cover some tips and tricks for choosing synthetic grass or artificial grass Cavecreek for your home.

choosing synthetic grass

Purchasing a grass with thicker filaments is the best way to avoid the problem but if you have an unusually hot day or need to keep the grass cool for a sports game or tournament there are ways to cool it down. You can keep the grass cool with a sprinkler or brush the grass filaments so they stand upright and absorb less heat.  It is best to chat to your installer before you make a purchase so you buy the best product for your climate.

Water drainage takes place through holes in the base of the artificial grass. The perforations are usually placed so that drainage takes place at the same rate as with natural grass.

Before you make a purchase you should compare warranties and ensure that your product is protected against sun damage and fading from UV rays. Some products offer warranties as long as 15 or 20 years so make sure you get the best on the market for the money you spend. The right product for your environment will also ensure you get a longer lifespan if you live in very hot conditions.

When you are researching different products make sure it is pet and child-friendly. Most brands can be cleaned with a hosepipe and some water pressure if they are messed on. For safety purposes also ensure the brand you choose is fire resistant. A high quality brand will melt is a hot ember is dropped on it but should not catch alight.

The biggest perk of having synthetic lawn is its low maintenance and it can be brushed with a broom and leaves can be raked up just like off a natural lawn.

For many people the cost of a synthetic lawn may be a drawback but you have to offset it against labour and maintenance over a long term period, and the subsequent savings you can enjoy. If you want to make a saving you can install the lawn yourself, which can shave off a substantial part of the price.