A smooth metal roof supported on piles could not be the perfect adornment for your home. Similarly, you can not provide adequate security and protection against the elements. If so, consider a closed canopy, which is essentially the same as a garage. The closed canopy may be outside the home or be connected with it. If connected, a firewall should separate the garage and the house, the garage must have a fire-resistant roof and windows of the structure should remain sealed, as editors at Creative Homeowner say “Garages and shelters.”

architectural ideas

Supplementary materials

Contemporary aluminum garage should resign for materials that complement the house. The contemporary prefabricated metal canopies usually look with vinyl siding that blends well with homes that have this coating. You can also use wooden boards to build a rustic canopy that resembles a log cabin. This look works best for homes with a rustic look, especially houses that resemble cabins themselves. If you want your garage to have an artistic touch, use wood or cement blocks to build the structure; then paint the desired color. You can create a mosaic splash in the first two or three feet (60 or 90 cm) of the structure using fragments of ceramic colors glass beads and stones.


Solar Panels

With the roof of the carport to generate power also uses space intelligently. This strategy will reduce your energy bill and create your home more environmentally friendly. Install solar panels on the roof to create a marquee power generation. Moreover, a set-generating solar carport, prefab home as Alyssa Ford suggests in “Goodbye, Garages: 10 highly desired shelters.”




The canopy and walls of the house can create a space partially enclosed outdoor. If you add an additional wall to have a small patio. The partial enclosure creates an inviting outdoor space that can be used for barbecues, a garden or a quiet space for yoga, for example. Use a trellis extra wall to create a less solid appearance. Add a series of steps to the entrance of the patio awning will help you create a sense of connection between spaces.


Marquee two histories

Similarly, to take full advantage of the space covered by the canopy, designed the top as a cover. The structure must be strong enough to withstand everything she feels. The prefabricated shelters may not be strong enough to be used as the basis for a cover, check with the manufacturer. Install a railing around the top and a ladder leading to the deck off the back or side. A roof garden with ivy hanging down the side would also serve as an attractive use of space.


Storage Space

A sloped roof allows the storage space above the car. In addition, the sloping roof creates a more finished look of the structure, which resembles a small cottage. Simply add a small entrance on the outside of the structure and use of a ladder to access the space. You can also create the opening in the back and use stairs or integrated steps staircase to access the site.