Before remodel or just a kitchen small, you should consider the elements that will change and what will remain the same. Different colors or patterns can make the space feel even more reduced. Choose colors that open space feel fresh and rather narrow. The cabinets in such kitchen should be simple and clear. Do not give strong colors, you might provide adequate depth to that space.
colors for small kitchens

Crisp colors and away colors
Searching for clear crisp colors or white for the walls of your kitchen small. The right touch of yellow or green color, blue can create the perfect background for your space. There are other colors that can enlarge the space. Green, purple and blue will make the walls look away, creating the illusion of a larger room.


Add depth with strong colors
Find two smooth, bold colors to add depth to the kitchen . These colors complement the small space if the cabinets and appliances in the kitchen are white or a light shade. Incorporates the wall connecting to the input of the kitchen to create a greater depth. For example, paint the blue outer space and the inner walls of the kitchen red. White cabinets and appliances create a visual separation, balancing dark colors and avoid the size of the space look smaller.
Natural tones
Use natural shades to create a color scheme that connects the kitchen to the living room. This technique will work for a kitchen that opens into the room and help unite the two spaces. Some natural colors to match the tones of beige, creamy, earthy green and yellow color scheme marrones.Esta dissolves the lines of the room and layers of natural tones help to create depth in both rooms.