The appearance of the home is as important as the staff being informed about the trends for 2017. It will make our home look modern and stylish at the same time, being our Home Sweet Home our favorite place to feel comfortable and relaxed. White and black are the colors that never go out of style are versatile combine with all styles. For this year the middle between these two colors wants to be the protagonist gray is a color that promises for this 2017. So add details in gray so your home is fashionable without losing the concept of elegance and modernism that has always had.

fashion for the home

The color contrast, the color block

This color is only the combination of colors that make contrast eye you have to know how to combine them. Apply these colors making combinations in walls or furniture look for colors that are to your liking or else spend a lot of money by changing the Style of your house during 2017. So that your house does not look very colorful, you can add neutral colors such as white or black to help you balance the colors.

Style and color in one word, vintage

When we speak of vintage we refer to old objects, and if we refer to vintage colors, it is a combination of colors and textures, which give an appearance, old, elegant and modern at the same time to our home, as far as colors, The base is white combined with pastel or dark colors.

Metallic colors

Metallic colors like gold and bronze are what promise to become fashionable this year. If you do not want to risk much you can only put metal details on some furniture like legs, knobs of drawers doors perhaps on some shelf, this will give your home a modern and chic touch. We hope this 2017 is a year full of many positive changes and that your home is still the perfect place to live. If you want to know a little more you can read our notes on how to fix your home.