The combination of the colors of the walls and cabinets involves a knowledge of how colors can work together. With tools such as the color wheel and paint swatches, along with the color tests can guide you through the careful use of tones to enhance your walls, cabinets and all space.

Combination of colors
The wood cabinets are featured tones that can harmonize with the colors of the painting. By identifying the dominant color of a closet can select a shade for the walls in order to enhance timber. When the cabinets match the color of the wall paint, an effect of calm and silence in a room is created without fade into the background. Earthy neutral colors like khaki, brown, oil and mushrooms work well with medium brown cabinets. The woods are stained red look stunning compared to the versions of pale shades like cream or terracotta on the walls. Neutral woods, which have an easily identifiable dominant hue can be combined with any color paint pale.

combination of wall color

Cabinets can really stand out when placed against a wall with the correct colors. When the hue overall timber is identified, the tone of the painting can be selected to create a strong contrast. The yellow butter bring out the brown woods. The golden or yellow cabinets seem sumptuous when combined with warm shades like red or eggplant. The green paint color intensifies Natural wood red. Ancient woods usually acquire a patina that comes with age and makes them look good with any color, as they have a rough finish naturally .
Complementary colors
The cabinets can be highlighted using the color wheel. Wood is naturally composed of various colors, choose a color from the wood that you like will help you select the paint color for the walls. When the predominant hue of a wardrobe is identified, the color wheel can tell you how to highlight that color with the complementary hue. Any two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are complementary. For example, pine usually contains honey and orange tones. A wall with a color medium green or lavender paint will highlight the softer shades of honey in the timber. These contrasting colors make you look more vivid cabinets. The orange hues in pine color will be highlighted by a vibrant blue color on the walls.

Paint swatches
The paint films are available for free in-store home improvement. These strips can give you an idea of ​​what shades look best when you place them in front of the cabinets. He pasted a sheet on the wall next to the cabinet will show you how the color will look like when the wall is painted and will give you an idea of ​​how the cabinets and painting can work together.

Color Test
Painting a test section on the wall will provide information about how the room will look with a specific color. The supply stores Home improvement can mix small amounts of tone paint, usually in 8 oz cans. (227.2 cc) in order to test at home. When a section of the wall that gets a good amount of light nature is painted near a cabinet shows how the paint color tones can leverage wooden cabinet.