Converting a garage into a apartment is not cheap. Estimates range between $ 10,000 and $ 25,000 for a basic remodeling job that includes wall close the garage door, wiring, flooring, roofing, plumbing, cabinets, insulation, drywall, and doors and windows . For many families that unfold in your home to save on housing costs, well worth the expense. This allows adults to share the costs of maintaining a property , but also gives them privacy. If members of the family agree, converting a garage into a suite can be a great opportunity for economic relief and family togetherness.

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Converting a garage into a suite in the Law

Projects the entire property and then check the local zoning board.
Investigate zoning laws in the area with respect to the renewal of a garage in a apartment . Projects the property fully and then visit the local zoning board to find out what the options are. Asked if the update is permitted, what important laws and regulations apply. Check with the local subdivision or cooperative board (if applicable) to see if there is an obstacle there.


Everyone involved must agree.
Visit an architect to get ideas for remodeling a garage into a suite. Get an architectural plan will add value to the project, and ultimately will allow it to run smoothly. Converting a garage to family policy involves many people and is a good idea to have a plan in which all involved have agreed before starting the actual work.


Get estimates for the work of at least three licensed contractors.
Get estimates for the work of at least three licensed contractors (see references to find licensed contractors). Check that the estimates from contractors detailing all phases of the work. Everything must be carefully written to avoid misunderstanding.


Discuss the budget with all family members.
Discuss the budget with all family members are involved. There is no better opportunity for misunderstandings when families are involved. Is it clear who will pay for the renovation? Is it clear whether (or not) this will leave future shared expenses (mortgage payments)? If the “extra” expenses have decided (cabinets or expensive accessories, for example) have that all parties involved understand that this is an additional expense that will raise the cost of renewal.

Decide if all the work will be out during renovation no.
Decide if all the work will take place during renovation or if any will in the future. Some jobs, such as vinyl siding, exterior paint, trim, etc., theoretically, can wait until more money is available. Consider whether it is acceptable to everyone involved.