The design garden courtyard front of your home says a lot about you. A garden well charted not only impress the neighbors, but also generates an attraction that can raise the price of your home. It also serves to highlight certain aspects of the house, like a freshly painted door or new coating can be ruined by a lawn that has areas of dry grass or shrubs sloppy. Make a good plan before planting will help you to get the desired results.


Take soil samples from various parts of the garden and send them to a local university extension to analyze pH and nutrient content. The analysis will indicate which nutrients are needed for plants to grow well.

create a garden

Make a scale drawing of the garden on graph paper. Determines which represents each small square surface. Place a key in the base paper to indicate the scale. Make an arrow indicating the location of the North. Draw the lines of the property.

Place tracing paper over the graph paper and draw the garden drainage patterns indicate areas that have poor drainage know. Add the location of the garage and other structures. Add also the location of the drain lines, the windows of the house and other property characteristics.


Determines which’ll need for your garden and future plans for your home. If you’re building an extension, have no sense to put a tree there.

Determines the money you possess to make the garden and select plants appropriate price.

Place a new piece of tracing paper over the graph paper and draw large circles indicating the location of the yard and plants.

Draw the plants on a new sheet of tracing paper, creating a key to identify the species. Make the lines in gently, using large plants in the corners of the house and decreasing size toward the front door. This creates a frame effect.