Brick walls can give much character to a room, but also a problem whenever you want to hang paintings, articles of decoration or curtain rods. If your window is in a brick wall, you will probably have to face this problem. Fortunately, screws modern masonry make it possible to hang curtain rods without hiring a carpenter or mason.
brick wall


Replace the screws included with curtain rods for concrete screws of the same diameter. The length of the screws should be a 1 3/4 inches (2.5 to 2.875 cm) longer than the plate in the rod holder. The plate is the part that annihilators the brick.


Mark the points where you want to place the anchor bolts of the first support. Hold the bracket against the wall and mark the holes with a white marker, with a little white paint or chalk. Place the bracket so that the holes are on the brick, and not on the mortar between brick and another.

Measure from the floor to the marks from Step 2, then check the opposite side of the window, from the floor to the same height, and mark the spot for the second bracket. Use a level to make sure that these marks form a straight and level line.

Pick a size slightly smaller than the screw you will use drill. Using a drill bit 5/32 inch (0.39 cm) for a screw of 3/16 inch (0.47 cm) or a reel of 3/16 inch for a set screw 1/4 inch (0.61 cm ). Insert the drill bit into the drill, hammer and adjust mode.

Drill holes for the screws concrete to a depth of 1/4 inch (0.61 cm) more than the length of the screws you will use. You can wrap a piece of tape around the bit to mark the depth. Use safety glasses and earplugs. You may have to exert more pressure on the drill as if you were drilling wood.

Vacuum the dust from the drilled holes; if you do, do not keep the screws in place.

Place the holder and then insert the screws into the brick wall, passing through the bracket holes. Because the holes of the wall is smaller than the screws, they may be secured firmly in place. Now you can hang the rod on the brackets.