The dark brown sofas are a common choice for the room. In addition to meeting a variety of decorative styles, it is easy to hide the stains of the sofa, which is an added advantage in high traffic rooms such as the living room. If you have sofas and dark brown and are looking to renew your living room, choose a design style and features a combination of colors and decorative elements that work with the dark brown and the new design.


Use the walls to enhance the design of your living room. Choose items that work well with dark brown sofas and connects the space theme. For example, if you are decorating the room with marine motifs, paint the tops of the walls a light shade of blue installs a weathered wood siding on the bottom of the walls. In a rustic room, painting the walls in soft earth tones, such as sage or slate blue walls and framed with wooden beams.

Ideas to decorate a room


Besides the dark brown sofas, you have to incorporate other types of furniture to create a functional and comfortable. Coffee tables and end table serve as support surfaces for drinks as well as areas to display decorative items. Choose tables that coordinate with dark brown sofas and adapt the look you are trying to create. For example, if you have opted for a modern, select glass tables with brushed nickel legs. In an elegant rustic room, consider reusing antique chests and tables. The chairs of a body add more places to sit, try to match the dark brown upholstery of sofas are upholstered or with a different color or patterned fabric.


Textile help soften the space and create more visual interest. As with all other elements of design, choose fabrics that coordinate with the style and space with dark brown sofas. For an elegant rustic room, consider incorporating patchwork blankets and cushions covered with cotton toile. For a sophisticated contemporary design, velvet curtains hanging in the windows, to the floor, covering the ground with a solid plush carpet color.


The decorative accents to link end look of the room. The decorative accents feature is that talk about your personal style and the style of the room. For a room inspired by beach, beach photos hanging on the walls, lights and figurines used pieces driftwood sculptures. In a living Craftsman style, hang pieces of stained glass in the windows, placed lamps with glass shades and uses tables painted chandeliers wrought iron topped with candles on a coffee table.