Everyone has at least one room in the house seems dark and sad, no matter what weather is doing outside. Maybe it has very few windows or too small, or just need a quick touch to cheer her up. Painting a room is not the only solution to make it brighter and brighter, but will do wonders to give an atmosphere that will make you feel good when you use it.
How to paint a dark room


Look at the brochures and paint samples to choose colors appropriate. Also check online sources, such as Sherwin Williams has a “viewer” of colors interactive you can use to decide your scheme colors . Lightens dark rooms with white or pastel colors, or if you prefer colors deeper, paints containing yellow tones can clarify.

Prepare the surfaces to be painted. Clean the walls with a bucket of water and a mild soapy rags – a brush is helpful to trim or rough surfaces. Rinse with clean water and let air dry them. Place masking tape to moldings, ornaments and glass to prevent accidental stains with paint. Cover larger areas with newspaper or plastic and colócale tape around the edges.
Cover furniture and floors with tarps or plastic sheeting.

First paint the ceiling: it begins with a brush of 2 inches (5 cm) to paint the outer edges, and fills the interior space using a foam roller. Apply the paint in a pattern “fan” entrecruzándola and superimposing it on the fly to avoid creating obvious stripes. A gloss or semi-gloss paint in this place will help to reflect the light down.

Follow package directions for drying times and procedures for successive layers.

Next, paint the walls and ceiling, with the first edges and after the interior sections. Apply colors on the walls pale-especially from high-level windows, leaving the deeper tones to the lower areas and baseboards. Let it dry and apply successive layers if necessary.

Remove the tape after the walls are completely dry. Clean any accidental excess paint with a plastic spatula or with a fine sandpaper.

Covers the window panels, equipment and doorknobs with tape .

Use a brush to 2 inches (5 cm) to paint the window sills, moldings and baseboards. Let it dry, and then remove all the tape and make a clean as before. Touch up with leftover paint cans if necessary.