There are ways to create vignettes or locations in your rooms to increase your enjoyment and relaxation in your home,” he said. Then collect your favorite memories, and prepare to be inspired through travel.

Display only photos
Keep your favorite holiday activities in mind. Frame your photos of activities in large mats and variety of frame sizes; to display, choose a dedicated wall in a hallway or in a family room, said Erinn Valencich, an interior designer in Los Angeles. If the colors are not important, print them in black and white or sepia to maintain a consistent tone.
Turn your photos into art, suggested Valencich. Print them in unique ways, such as canvases or sheet metal. It is a relatively inexpensive way to personalize and transform your memories.

decor of your home
“If you have a glass table, put the pictures below,” said Christine Eisner, author of “Living with comfort: a guide back to basics to a more balanced life style.” “They will be protected, but always in sight,” they said Eisner.
The beach is a favorite summer destination, but how you bring that feeling indoors? Valencich suggests using a palette of blue and white color to create a sense of beach. The color combination reflects the sea, the sky and the foam of a day on the ocean. Both Eisner as Valencich recommend any coating paint dark wood floors, white cabinets seats or to bring the element of beach house, and illuminate the room. Another approach to achieve the perfect shirt, “accompany your front door with blinds aged” says Eisner, add to that aspect of facade structure corroded by the weather that usually show the t-houses near the ocean.

Focus on special touches to complete the look. An impression of the ocean “located in a key area of ​​the home” will remind your travel every time you pass by, says Valencich. Use pinstripe style cottage on items like pillows or a chair allusive topic. If you can not find in traditional cottage inspired material suggested she find a striped fabric 4 inches (10.16 cm) or more. The sound of water can also be an important element in recreating a memory of ocean. You can accomplish this “both with a sound machine that has noise of the ocean, or a small item out of the window,” said Valencich.

Photo courtesy Christine Eisner
If your summer travels are full of time outdoors, focus on “removing the barriers between inside and outside,” Eisner said. Living open house “makes you feel like being back on vacation.” Look to nature to inspire your choice of colors and fabrics. An easy fix, says Eisner, are comfortable outside seating to increase the time you spend there. Make rocking chairs or a hammock to your balcony to remind you of those days of relaxed holiday and help you to reconnect with nature.

Other tricks include drapery to take out foreign and lightchains as Valencich. “The lanterns overflowing with potted plants encourage you to spend time outside and enjoy more of the area of ​​relaxation.” Last but not least, both designers say that eating outdoors is a good way to fully enjoy your backyard. The decorations, candlelight, brightly colored dishes, and maybe a heat lamp to keep nice afternoon in the bay, creating an irresistible holiday destination on your patio.

Remember sensational

Now that you’ve made the general scene of your trip, it’s time to personalize your space. The memories, if chosen wisely, can be a perfect way to complete your theme memory books. Valencich suggests buying a special piece of art for the place. “I Avoid anything with the name of the area, but choose pieces that really speak,” he said. “The history of these holidays will always live on that piece of art.”

While you’re on vacation, stay tuned looking objects that can be used daily. Eisner recalls items such as napkin rings, placemats or napkins. Books to expose are other favorites of Eisner as instant reminder of the beloved travel. Find fabrics that you can easily incorporate into your room design. Scarves, shawls and sarongs are on the list of Eisner, as they can become pillows or used in other samples such as framed art, curtains or sheets. Another idea: collect things from nature. The shells or stones can be exposed in a series of bowls or baskets or placed casually on a table. Do not be afraid to be creative with your frames too. Crushed flowers gathered in that place, destination maps and postcards are interesting additions to any room design when they are framed.