The terrace and garden are two of the areas of the home that are gaining more followers in terms of decoration is concerned and to differences, a full range of alternatives for all tastes opens. Wood is a classic that returns every year to decorate terraces and gardens and does with many different designs and types. The most appreciated is teak and brown, very dense woods, which together with outdoor treatment can make them, last long in the best possible condition.

garden with the best materials

Sun beds, chairs, sofas, tables and gazebos, are indispensable in the garden, but we must add textiles, such as tablecloths, mattresses for sun beds and even cushions. Solid colors are the most suitable for this kind of furniture. Besides wood in exterior decoration include natural materials such as rattan, wicker or bamboo, which is achieved to a large number of different furniture to suit all tastes and incidentally bring an exotic touch.

Here, to magnify this aspect, they must be combined with other natural materials such as plants, a lattice of rods, sand or stones. With these materials, you can get original and unique effects. Something more affordable are aluminum furniture whose characteristics do not affect them rust and resist very well to the bad weather, although in this case must accompany textiles not we burn us when we are giving the sun, as enduring heat well.

If we talk about metal and we like a more classic, or even Victorian style, we cannot miss the opportunity to get hold of a wrought iron chairs painted or with traditional patina of old, they are quite expensive furniture, but very durable if they It does a good maintenance.