If you are the type that has many jewelry and accessories, sure you have had a problem when planning your jeweler. Why not try to decorate your home with jeweler’s wall it is an original way to have all your accessories placed in an attractive and visually. Ethnic and rustic trend is a kind of excellent decoration to give the illusion of more space to our home. Decorate the walls of your home with your jewels it is an easy way of having them controlled and more visually see them.


Of course, we recommend that parts are more than jewelry or do not have much value to avoid unwanted presence of voyeurs or thieves. A good example is, in your room, choosing to place your pendants and earrings on wooden bars. A visual and attractive way to organize your jewelry while decorating your wall.  Decorate your wall with pictures and frames with your jewelry. You can even encourage and do it yourself.

The DIY trend is not to be imposed especially in decoration some also choose to hang branches or pieces of wood bohemian style and hang them earrings and pendants. The walls should be filled with decorative elements is minimalist, bohemian or more baroque key, do not let them stay free pictures or decorative objects. If you are a person that you like to have controlled all your jewelry, you should choose this way also takes the opportunity to give life to the walls.

The industrial style or urban, focuses on harnessing old spaces since wear is one of the fundamental keys to good industrial decor like the combination of furniture from different materials. The furniture is characterized by providing an air vintage with reused parts made of wood copper black or rusty metal. First, to achieve industrial style you can decanters the walls completely bare you should choose to leave the original material exposed. If only you have discovered a wall, do not worry because the contrast with the smooth walls creates a unique effect.