The interior of a home is subjective and personal. Can like classic furniture, antique , in poor art , or modern furnishings and design. The choice is not lacking, but, whatever it is, must be done with care and dedication , to create, beyond the style chosen, a friendly and welcoming environment . Here’s how to decorate the house in a simple and functional.

how to decorate the house

The home is the place where you spend the most intimate moments, and so it is important that reflects the soul of those who live it. The first rule to follow is to follow your tastes, ignoring the mode of passage. The second is to prevent their delusions result in an uncomfortable place and unsuited to their function. In short, the practical sense is essential in the design of the space, which in everyday life should be as beautiful as livable. Here’s an example: if the premises are located in a basement, with little light, as he prefers the old style or the poor art, it would be good to avoid this type of furniture , which would tend to weigh and darkening the environment. Rather, on the contrary, opt for white or very light tones, which leave the rooms breathe.

Colour plays an important role in furnishing. Just change colors and shades to have completely different effects and atmospheres. The choice , both with respect to the walls that the furniture , should be measured according to the function of the room. To get an aura relaxing, suitable for a bedroom, it is preferable to use of soft colors like light blue, purple or blue. On the contrary, they are welcome bright colors and lively, such as red, environments day. The colors, combined with taste and size, are ideal for a decor fresh and youthful , but if you want a modern and elegant, nothing is better than white. With the total white hardly mistaken. The only care is to create movements and contrasts, albeit soft, not to intrude in aseptic and impersonal.

The option between light and dark, depends primarily on aesthetic preferences, but to furnish spaces at best, there are general principles that everyone should keep in mind. One of these is to avoid bulky furniture and dark colors if the available spaces are reduced and low light. If not, go-ahead to the imagination! A great solution if you encounter problems of space, the walls are multi-purpose, which ensure maximum functionality, offering environment everything it needs.