Classes Sunday School is an opportunity for children to interact with other children of the same church , while learning about the Bible and Christianity. The decor of the classroom Sunday school can help boost their learning, while offering a friendly and safe environment for the child to overcome. There are different ways to decorate the living room Sunday school, many of which are inexpensive and simple.
decorate the room


Paint the walls with the color of your choice. Use bright colors to stimulate them mentally, such as yellow and blue. A simple coat of paint is a very effective way to make the room look like new. To involve children, choose some colors that are pre-approved and asks students to help you make a decision through voting or some other method. Once you’re ready to paint, paint the walls with brushes or rollers. Be sure to place canvas on the floor to avoid any disaster.


Install several white boards and markers to keep multiple boards. The blackboards are magnetic and if not in use during a lesson, can be fitted with artwork and other papers. Place the boards to a height that children can also use them.

Place several billboards on the walls. These can be used to place student work or to Billboard theme of the month. Place each billboard decorative edge to make it look similar to a picture frame. Billboards also serve as a great informational resource. Let the kids help you decide on the theme of the month to encourage them to interact.

Make a mural, if possible. If you do not have artistic skills, ask the parents to help you. If you can not make the mural, tell the children to leave footprints with their hands painted with washable paint. Each child can write their name under its footprint alongside your favorite Bible verse. Children who start entering class may be adding his footprints on the wall.

Ask the children to decorate large plastic container or find some other decorative box and use it for Bibles. Fill the box with Bibles (uses special Bibles for children) while teaching lessons. Although many children carry his personal Bible, these Bibles can be used if a child forget yours have.

Allows students to help you with any decor whenever possible. If students engage directly with the decor, it is likely to invite other friends. In addition, students will be proud of decorations and feel satisfaction . Also children may absorb more information that is given if the learning environment is pleasant.