If you do not see yourself with the strength to learn all from memory take paper and pen because it will touch you to aim. Save this post in favorites and consult it whenever you need it! Before starting to put furniture at home, you have to know if they are going to be practical and if they are suitable for the space that we have.

kitchen and bathroom

Therefore, you must keep in mind certain measures and minimum distances to decorate. How far from the wall does the chair go? How high do I nail the painting? Discover all the keys to decorate interiors without throwing away the bases of design and architecture. Today we start with the bathroom and the kitchen.

It is no coincidence that almost all bathrooms have the same structure. These are the minimum distances to decorate the bathroom properly. We started at least glamorous. The toilet should have 20 centimeters free on each side and 60 centimeters on the front for easy use and cleaning. Also, it is advisable to be 43 cm high. The distance between the wall and the wall should be 30 cm. The toilet paper should be placed about 65 cm in height from the floor and 20 cm from the toilet.

Minimum distance to decorate

The bath needs at least a half-meter free by one of its sides, so that it is safe and comfortable to enter and leave it. If you have a shower remember that, the appropriate distance between the shower head and the floor should be two meters and 10 cm. Of course, do not forget to choose an adjustable design to adjust the height when children shower. When leaving, there should be 55 cm to 100 cm free to dry and maneuver safely. In addition, the rack behind the door, where we usually hang the bathrobe, should be placed about 1’70 m high and the towel rail 121 cm above the floor.

The first thing to know when it comes to respecting the minimum distances to decorate the kitchen is that any of the lower furniture (where we usually hide the trash, pots, cutlery drawers usually range between 60 cm deep and The upper ones where we place the glasses for example are usually narrower and about 35 cm deep.

The upper furniture should be placed at a height higher than the meter and a half of the floor. It all depends on the height of the guests. If you are a family of tall you will have to increase the distance of the furniture with the floor, but if you are and with pride and affection small hobbits you can opt for the minimum measure that is 1.40 m. As for the minimum distance between the kitchen furniture is 1 meter and 20 cm. It is the minimum distance to move comfortably through the room without colliding with others.

More minimum distances to decorate the kitchen:

Did you know that there were so many standards to have a kitchen or bathroom provided? Have you checked if it is true in your home? Because we already know, that one thing is theory and another is practice, right? If you want more ideas, go through our tips section to decorate interiors and point other tricks to make your house look bigger and more beautiful.