Have you also targeted the fashion of decorating with recycled objects? Well in here, we congratulate you for it! It is that you will not only be able to save a few but you will be putting your grain of sand in the fight against pollution and climate change. In addition, if you have skill and patience, recycling and reusing old objects you can enjoy very pleasant times especially if you share them with friends and family.


There are many furniture and accessories in your home that you do not need to buy in furniture and decoration stores because you can create them yourself by reusing old objects. For example, you can have a nice and original headboard without having to spend virtually any money. Today we speak 10 objects you can become wonderful headboards.

Doors and windows

Are you going to renovate your old doors or windows? Well, do not forget to keep some to make them beautiful headboards! Of course, you should keep in mind that the best results are those of wood and worn effect. In our article headboards made with doors and windows, you will find plenty of examples. Do not have a place to store your books? You can place them behind the bed in the shape of a nice headboard. If it is old books or you do not want to keep, you can also hook on the wall. The truth is that the result is spectacular.


Another option that can give good results is to place one or more mirrors in the headboard wall, especially if it comes to elements vintage classic or looking aged. Of course, if you trust the philosophy you will have to forget about this idea, as it is not recommended to use mirrors in bedrooms. Other objects that you can turn into beautiful headboards are the curtains.

For example, in the image on the left you can see a nice headboard created by a white curtain and a framework that adds a unique touch. We also like the idea of writing meaningful sentences on the web. Do not know what to do with the cushions that you have left? Why do not you turn them into a nice headboard? There are several alternatives. For example, you can hang two cushions in a bar shaped curtain.

Garden fence

Another idea that seems extremely interesting is to place an old fence garden. As in the case of pallets and wooden planks, you can leave it as it is or restore it.


We also like the idea of creating a headboard by oars. Of course, if you decant an option the ideal is that you paint colorful fun. It is an ideal idea for children’s or juvenile rooms but not bad for adult bedrooms. Do you want to add a romantic touch to your bedroom? What do you think if you put lights in the shape of a headboard? In the image that we show you on these lines you can see two examples of the most interesting. To do this makes sure to take your lights Christmas.


Finally, we want to propose that you use a blackboard as a headboard. This way, you can write or draw what you want when you want. Undoubtedly, it is an ideal for the rooms of the most thought little of the house.