There are several reasons why the petit point is again a trend one is because of the nice things that can be done with it. Another is how relaxing it can be to do them. I do not have much time to embroider but I’m thinking of making room to get to work with some of the kits from the new petit point collection of we are knitters inspired by the beaches of California. This tips you could learn from this article.

Decorative trend

They have managed to reinvent the traditional technique of traditional embroidery to turn it into a real hit of the most urban decoration. With this collection, we can make cushions and pillows that will look like authentic works of art and will move us in the blink of an eye to the beaches of Malibu with their surfboards ice cream or palm trees.

The kits include the threads, the pattern, the needle to perform the work and the frame to hold the fabric. As you know, the petit point is a technique that has recently become an authentic legion of followers both for its decorative ability and for being an entertaining hobby. The petit point is similar to the cross stitch which is also interesting.

They are very similar techniques, but there is some difference. The most relevant is that for the petit point a square frame is needed that prevents the fabric from wrinkling and loses its tightness. In this way, a perfect finish is achieved. In addition the points of the petit point are diagonal and with very small embroidery, so that the final drawing is very dense. If you have ever done a cross-stitch, which is likely to be the petit point will be eaten for you. For next decorating tips stay with us.