On many occasions, we have the means to undertake a small reform in our home or to change part of the furniture but we are not sure what we can do. Maybe because we like it so much that in the end we are afraid of that it is not as expected or because we simply cannot think of how to improve our home spaces. Therefore, we will give you five different proposals so you can inspire and encourage you to make that change we long have you wanted to do in your home and that so far have not.

decorative trends

Low maintenance materials

For example, the current trend there is to decorate any area of the house is the use of quality materials that have a low maintenance, such as porcelain tiles, Formica tables, marble, granite, quartz, etc. Bring home an elegant touch and have a very low maintenance. The taps need not always be equal and not only are individual faucets for hot and cold as the most classic, mixer taps cascading falls different heights positions on the wall etc.

But if we talk about a trend that is having a great success worldwide is the faucet bronze and gold creating an attractive and warm atmosphere or even if you want something completely different there are also the taps in black with bright enamel and gold decoration luxury.

Open space kitchens

The kitchens have become increasingly frequented spaces and therefore must be nice and comfortable where there is no space and we tend to stumble. Today’s kitchens are usually open and colorful. Gone are those kitchens where everything was white even the furniture. Now prevailing color combinations with a neutral base and another like red orange, blue or green for example.

If we talk about the kitchen, we cannot forget that the furniture has changed a lot and not only can find in a lot of different shapes and colors but also get furniture with textures to create a thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere to this space. The decals are also on the agenda and we have a wide range of possibilities for seamless integration into all elements of the kitchen, both appliances such as the lining of the walls or furniture. As you can see, there are many different proposals today that will allow you completely to change the look of your home without having to spend a lot of money.