The garden is eminently creative space, of relaxation and freedom of the house. Someone Alcibiades the cultivation of ornamental plants, other fruit. You can also design your garden as a recreational space for children or as outdoor seating. If it is very large can be all these things together without any waivers. If you own a house of medium size, or try your hand at a single house design a garden. You can do this with a minimum expenditure and also using the space untapped. In this tutorial we will explain how to design a garden functional without being great experts . The company will prove very useful for the cultivation of flowers and plants for the vegetable.

how to design a garden

To design a garden must first take measurements. If you have a quadrature of five meters, for example, drawn with a chalk the perimeter in which to build the garden. At this boundary line you will have to raise a small fence apt to contain a fair amount of dirt. Go from a wholesale dealer of building material. Buy 250 brick red (non-refractory), bearing in hand flow measures the perimeter. The standard sizes of the bricks are 20 X 10 X 5 cm. Take twenty bricks just purchased and go by the marble worker for by commissioning the cut at 45 degrees on either side. The purpose of this cut is to use them for the angles to be given to the fence.

When you have finished designing the garden fence started working. Take a first set of bricks and affiliated, starting from any point on the perimeter of the sign. Continue until you return to the same starting point. When you approach the corners of the enclosure used bricks specially cut (45 degrees). Once this stage, to double the height of the fence you overlap with the same system. Take care to fix the bricks together by the glue specific. Proceed now to design filling the wall of your garden.

After dividing the spaces you can move to the physical design of the garden. Once the brick fence, let it dry for a day. then go at a nursery, and let calculate the necessary amount of soil and fertilizer for the squaring of the garden. If you intend to divide the garden in between garden and nursery, you can do so by raising within it, a further brick fence. At this point the garden designed by you can be considered finished. Heal to sow or transplant the seedlings you prefer and wait for the flowering period. If you want to customize the color of the brick fence, used the dye powder reddish. Finally, you can waterproof the brick with the flatting . In this way, will secure greater durability and gloss.