Design a kitchen to encourage people to come together to cook, eat and socialize. Do this by creating spaces that lend themselves to the continuous flow of traffic and conversation. Keep areas of the kitchen with cozy seating areas for more than one point. Visualize how your family or friends will interact with the cook and help with the preparation of food . Imagine how many people can move easily and enjoy the space. Always Designs kitchen looking nice in terms of color and shape in which it is fitted. Create a place that everyone will want to return all day.
design your kitchen


Plan a space for cooking and eating bar. Measure the floor space for a bar island as an option. Create a space to prepare food on the island, but also includes a cooking surface. Add space to eat with several banks around the bar. Check that the head chef has enough room to move, but it creates a conversation space by adding hanging baskets, plants and a small TV. Use interior design books to sketch ideas that seem attractive to you and your family.


Design a room for more than one stove to cook. Leave room for two or more people to work near the stove. You can do this for a large space on each side of the stove counter. Invite family or friends to help prepare meals, and the kitchen becomes a favorite spot. Make sure you have baking pans, pots and that the most important ingredients are within reach of the stove.
Opens wall that connects to the living room. Opens wall between the kitchen and a hallway or living room. Construct a bar with several stools facing the kitchen . Design your family room for people that are in the kitchen can go directly to another space, so that the two rooms feel as one. Use colors similar in both spaces, as shades of dark green or slate gray to create a unit. Make the kitchen look less isolated will make people want to meet you there.

Create a cabin or add a small sofa and chairs at one end of the kitchen . You do this to encourage family and friends to read, relax or play cards in this space. Invite the children to do their homework there. Build this area to relax after dinner, or a casual space for a breakfast or lunch. Use this area to also care for preschool children, when adults gather in the kitchen .

Build sliding doors to a deck or patio. Build the outdoor space with a beautiful view outside, if possible. Incorporates the kitchen with this outdoor space for family members moving between the two spaces when the weather is mild. Install an outdoor table with umbrella for everyone to bring food to the patio or deck during hot or sunny days. Create external storage space for easy grilling at any time. Save grill special items, such as large serving trays, a short distance from the area of the sliding door cabinets kitchen .