One of the most common complaints from owners of a house is the lack of bathrooms. Having too few bathrooms can cause frustration and fights between members of the family and make people arrive late and leave home in a bad mood. Whether you intend to improve the value of your home before selling or simply want to reduce the number of fights about the bathroom is hard to go wrong by adding a new bathroom. The process is surprisingly simple, even for those with no experience in plumbing. Also, adding a bathroom remodeling does not require a great and saves money because the new pipe can be connected to existing.

domestic bathroom


Choose the location of your basement bathroom carefully. If possible, plan to build another bathroom directly under your home, for it is near the sewer. This can save you money, as you will need to buy less material. It also prevents future problems when choosing the right height of your pipes .


Prepare the room. Sketch the floor on paper before starting the logistics, and then draw lines with chalk on the floor to mark where the walls will go.
Build your walls using wood or drywall. Use drywall moisture proof to accommodate moisture associated with bathrooms and general dampness of basements.

Buy plumbing components. Need a sink, a toilet and a shower or bath, if you wish. Be sure to select components that fit into the space available.

Choose a toilet tank top, or sewage ejector system if your bathroom will be below the level of the septic tank. This is the only way to climb the sewage out of the basement.

Install the new accessories and all piping associated.

Hire a plumber to come to your home and make the final connections. In many areas, it is mandatory by law. Even if yours is not usually a wise decision to not end up suffering from a flood. If you’ve already installed everything, even the pipes , will be faster and cheaper to hire a plumber just to end connections.

Floor tiles, painting the walls and apply any other finish you want. Add towels and decorations to give your bathroom a modern and practical style.