The space above the garage can give space for a department, office, storage or your hobbies. The floor space including a double garage may extend a few feet on the second floor to give much space. You can build an area with two or three rooms thinking ahead. If you live in an area where space is limited or construction properties are expensive to build on a garage is a good choice. You can design the space to complete it in manageable stages over time or finish the whole space when building the garage.

double garage


Visit websites of interesting plants for flat environments on garages. Gather ideas that might work for the types of activities you have in mind. Do the books of designs of houses and magazines to see what types of environments can be built in a loft or second floor space on a double garage. Boceta pictures of your existing house and the type of garage you want to build. Converts sketches on graph paper once you’ve defined the final design, as you need to make sure that the outside of the garage and the upper provided added look together.

Make sketches using indoor garage dimensions and size of the floor plan of the building space above. Create a list of activities in which you imagine using environments. Rate cooking, sleeping, office work, sewing and hobbies. Divide space using graph paper and designs the doors between the rooms. Be sure to include walls all outdoor environments. Plan will be carried where electricity and plumbing in space.
Consult a builder to make sure the garage rafters and walls support the weight side of the environments that you have in mind. Consider using larger beams ceiling to add additional insulation to the garage. Prevents auto fumes move the attic sealing the garage roof with plastic sheeting or foam. Design environments upstairs over the garage with graph paper for every wall and room with overhead view.

Window includes at least two walls of the building space in case you need an outlet fire. Check local building codes to make sure you are following the necessary guidelines regarding construction windows and doors, plus all the safety requirements. Use the space below the windows for libraries, TV and storage cabinets. Build a row of multiple windows side by side, if possible, for a recreation area or desk. Build at least one bathroom in the whole space.

Anticipate where they enter a room from below. Design a set of stairs from the outside of the garage if you have room. Put those stairs visible side garage from the house, for security reasons. Planning to buy a steel door as the main entrance space over the garage and install a burglar alarm for extra security.