Comforters and wardrobes allow us to store clothes and accessories and keep the room in order. However, many of us have always dreamed of having a dressing as appearing in films and television series. Well, you must know that to have a dressing room in your home you do not need to have a large space. In fact, you can create it in your own room. Of course, it is always preferable to mount it in a separate room preferably located next to the bedroom or bathroom.

Dressing room

If you have decided to create a dressing room in your home, we recommend that you do not miss anything that comes next. In addition, today we will show you many images that will serve as inspiration. In addition, we will take the opportunity to give you some interesting advice and ideas.

Where to set up a dressing room

As we have told you before the best thing when it comes to assembling a dressing room at home is to allocate a room for this purpose preferably one that is located near the bedroom or bathroom. This way, you will have more space to store your things and change. Of course, you can also create it in the bedroom, especially if you are lucky enough to have a room big.


Once you are clear where you are going to assemble your dressing room you will have to think about its distribution. Thus, you can opt for a simple layout that is use a single wall in the form of “L”, an ideal alternative to dressing rooms that share space with the bedroom U-shaped perfect for wide spaces; Cabinets facing. Of course, you also have to decide if you want the cabinets to be open or closed. The first option allows you to see all the clothes in one glance are very attractive and ideal for small spaces. However, clothing is more exposed to moisture and dust. Closed cupboards for their part are more protective of clothing.

Keep the order

The key to dressing rooms, especially those that are open is to maintain order. To do this, you will have to do with the appropriate furniture and accessories. So you can opt for drawers to store smaller items socks, scarves, belts bars for hanging clothes and that it does not crumple shoemakers, shelves. As drawers, ideally have with compartments. On the other hand, we recommend using boxes, clothes covers and hangers of all kinds.

Other elements that cannot be missing

In addition to storage, mirrors should not be missing in your dressing room. At least, you must place a full body that allows you to see how your clothes fit. You can hang it from the wall or opt for cabinet doors with integrated mirrors. They are also very practical seats, so if you have leftover space does not hesitate to put a sofa an armchair a bench. Of course, you must take care of the details to the maximum, making the space cozy. You can choose flowers carpets, wallpaper. Also, do not forget lighting, maximizing natural light and placing different artificial light bulbs. In fact, you can even opt for the integrated lighting in the cabinets. Then we leave you with our gallery where you will find many photos of dressing. We are sure that these images will inspire you to create your own dressing room!