After applying a faux finish to interior walls, they often have a deep color and design and satisfactory. Further improves your walls by adding a layer end of varnish. Although this is a step optional passion to seal the painted walls with faux painting makes the most vivid colors. The varnish also help protect the varnished surface of normal wear and tear.
seal painted walls


Place a cloth on the floor facing the wall and hits the tape around the adjacent surfaces to prevent paint from spreading to these areas.

Open the can of latex paint and stir well with the post.
Load the brush tilted and looks around the perimeter of the wall to mark the varnish.

Pour the paint into the tray and load the roller. This varnish applied in a thin, even coat.

Spend brush 4 inches (10 cm) from the wet paint to remove air bubbles created with the roller. Keep working to remove them all.

Let the paint dry completely, and remove the masking tape and the cloth on the floor.